Pancakes and Waterfalls

Typing ‘Graskop nightlife’ onto goggle turned up six results. Good enough, I thought, until the addresses read Berlin Germany. But on retrospect no one goes to the wild for a great nightlife.

The Lowveld getaway started early Saturday morning with a drive from Witbank to the amazing Sudwala caves  near Rosehaugh.  I hopeless kept referring to them as Sodwana. Our guide was not impressed. It is home to one of the largest natural amphitheatres underground; unfortunately the Drakensburg  Boys Choir was not there this time to wow me some more.

inside the sodwala caves
inside the sodwala caves

From there it was on to Sabie where after a short drive around we managed to find a restaurant without the word pancake in its title. The area is stunning; a short hike will take you to the feet of some delightful waterfalls. MacMac Falls was on our way to Graskop, where we were to spend the night. The Berlin and Lisbon Falls, and Gods Window are about 10km from Graskop. Different hiking, mountain biking, or canoeing tours can help you soak up this amazing piece of nature better. And I must comment the managing companies of the falls, the toilets were cleaner than that of most malls’. I finally gave in to the pancake madness; it must have been from too much sun from the hikes. Who eats pancakes for supper. But the red cappuccino was a pleasant surprise; blends of rooibos, sweetened and creamed, then whipped to foam.

lisbon fall
lisbon fall
god's window
god’s window
pancake restuarant
pancake restaurant

Saturday night was slow; sookie sookie was all that was happening at the local pub. The alternative was a ghost tour in Pilgrims Rest. Intriguing, but the road leading there curves steeply around a mountain; to be avoided at night and in wet weather. The day drive to Pilgrims Rest was rewarding. This museum town of a gold town that sprung in 1871 after the discovery of gold is a gem. The Burke’s Luck Potholes, a series of deep gouges from the Sabie river, are breathtaking

burke's luck potholes
burke’s luck potholes

From there we met the king of the shangaans in the Shangaan Cultural village near Hazeyview. He offered to pay for my lobola to the tour guide. Talking to the king was a rewarding and humbling experience.

Of course two days is not enough to experience all that Mpumalange Lowveld has to offer. I’ll be back!

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