Freedom Day came and went marking 19 years since the first post-apartheid elections. This year I found myself in the capital by invitation from a friend, to a rugby match, Blue Bulls vs. The Waratahs. I’m not much of a rugby person, but who says no to free box tickets?  I don’t know what it was, maybe it was the rugby mood in Loftus Versfeld, or maybe it was the Jameson, but as I sat there soaking in the atmosphere, my mind drifted to the movie Invictus.

rugby match, loftus versfeld
loftus versfeld

Invictus, latin for unconquerable and undefeated, prevalent. Of course it was only after a few cups of coffee that I wondered what were we really celebrating. And then I remembered my walk through the city earlier before the match. The number of people, young and old, begging on the street had troubled me; but as I was making a turn just off Church street and Madiba I saw this small Dutch Reformed Church, and less that a hundred meters on the same street was an Islamic establishment. Religious tolerance; we take it lightly but it’s not a given for everyone across the world. We might have a lot of socio-economic challenges, but this Freedom Day I celebrated religious freedom in South Africa.



Peace to you all!


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