Part 1-Dancing Flames

wood fire place
my dancing flames

We arrived at the Morija Lodge at 11 pm and Phillip, the night attendant, had built a fire in our lodge six hours earlier. So no doubt the cabin, stone built and thatch roofed, was warm and toasty. Our lodge had two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen  equipped with a fridge, microwave, gas stove, kettle, sink and all the cutlery and cookery you could need for in a self-catering lodge. I put my bags away, settled in front of the fire with my Irish coffee and watched the flames dance.

my mags, fire, and coffee
my mags, fire, and coffee

The morning was brilliant and the weather gentle; we enjoyed views of mountains from our porch and beautiful flora of the mountain at our back. Our cabin was just below the main house which is perched on the hill.

morija lodge main house
morija lodge main house

Beautiful, but you have to climb these stairs to breakfast.

behind the cabin, to the main house
behind the cabin, to the main house

And when you get to the top, you will not be disappointed; there are inside and outside dining areas to help you fully enjoy the Mountain Kingdom.

outside eating are with mountain views
outside eating area with mountain views

And Mosley will keep you safe if you feel this is too much bush for you.

sweet mosley
sweet mosley

The lodge can make for a great romantic bush-getaway, but it still worked fine for two hyper girls, the capital Maseru is only 35 km away.

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