Part 4 – Riding On Stars

Two posts in two successive days; an achievement for me! I did what I set out to do this weekend, rest, write, and eat. Managed to see my family as well, so a big bonus.

In Part 3 I promised I’d tell you a little bit more about Lesotho horses. Well in truth it’s more about the horses we rode on our trail and a movie shot in Lesotho called the The Forgotten Kingdom. The movie is a winner of three 2013 Best Narrative Films awards at the Florida, Sarasoto, and  Ashland, Oregon. It stars my favorite SA actor by far, Zenzo Ngqobe, and two horses Tina and Autumn Wind along with their breeder, our famous Lesotho guide, Kefuoe.

the forgotten kingdom
the forgotten kingdom

Of course we had no idea who he was initially; he lives a simple life as a horse breeder and free-lance journalist, occasionally as a guide for anyone looking to see Morija on horse back. A wonderful story-teller and passionate about horses, hence he almost hijacked our holiday with horses only.

our famous friends
our famous friends

My friend got to ride the famous Tina, and Kefuoe was on Autumn Wind; I was on their non-movie star sister whose name I cannot remember. We spend two evenings with him and lunch and he helped us meet wonderful people as well and to see so much of Lesotho that we would have otherwise not seen. We did miss his big horse racing event on the Saturday and opted for the ski resort instead, but we’ll be back dear friend!


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