I’ve known about the healing powers of the warm waters gushing out of the natural hot springs in Bela-Bela since I was a kid. With summer at its peak I opted to try a different waterpark than the usual Sun City resort . I went to the Forever resort in Limpopo to curb the heat and spend a day away from the city with a few friends. The resort has a giant pool, water slides, and a wave pool.

play time
play time
wave pool
wave pool

There are other things to do from volleyball to squash, to adventure sport like quad-biking and cable skiing, however the waterpark and the hydro spa are the biggest draw. Which posses one big problem in summer, all the pool waters are fed by the hot springs, so pool water temperatures are in the mid 40°C, not the most lovely thing in summer. I think it makes for an awesome winter destination when temperatures are low and you want to soak in a minerals rich hot tub. Still had a fabulous time and no outdoors day would be complete without a good braai.


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