Sagrada Familia, If God Needed An Earthly Address

If you’ve been to Barcelona and somehow missed the chance to see the Sagrada Familia, I suggest you go back. It is the most magnificent structure I’ve ever seen. Got me convinced that if ever God needed an earthly address, he’d certainty have the Barcelona area code. First time I laid eyes on it I was on a lazy stroll from my hotel a block away and mid-sentence complaining how KFC seemed so out-of-place in the heart of Cataluña; then the most majestic man-made structure I’ve ever seen came into view. It literally took my breath away.

post card version
sagrada familia theoretical finished product

Work on this great cathedral started in 1882 and Antoni Gaudi is the man credited for the design.

sagrada old section
sagrada familia’s old section
sagrada-new section
sagrada familia’s new section
sagrada familia under construction
sagrada familia under construction

Although if God did like the residence, He wouldn’t be able to move in immediately because construction is set to conclude only in 2026 which will be marking a 100 years from Gaudi’s death.

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