Hello 2016!


I just got back from Cape Town, after doing Botswana Victoria Falls for New Year’s, and Christmas with family as usual. Getting back the current affairs have just about almost taken over, so before I get too engrossed in news; racial monkey business, panty-preneurs, China, the Rand, Hillary’s emails (again); I just have to say I had the most fantastic festive season and I was trying to rank the awesomeness I experienced in the last three weeks and the top two spots are hard to decide and I will be blogging about them in the coming weeks. Here they are from awesome to most awesome.

  • A healthy debate on identity between a famous Motswako rapper and my BFF while cruising the Chobe River
  • Camped. Yes, like sleeping in a two-woman tent which I helped set-up
  • A traffic jam from a herd of elephants
  • A personal tour of Hotel Verde, the greenest hotel in Africa
  • My first of the Seven Natural Wonder-Victoria Falls on the Zimbabwe side

Botswana also highlighted the crime stigma that plagues SA. We don’t live in paradise, and we most certainly don’t live in a war-zone with bullets flying everywhere. So this year I will try to find a way to bring local human voices as I continue to let you in on (relatively) local attractions and my experiences as a way to provide a clearer window to see what life really is like and what is possible on a trip to our beautiful country. Hope to see you around for all of that


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