Main Street Life

I always dread coming to Maboneng. Ok, honestly I dread coming to the markets in the CBD. Parking is a nightmare. But tonight luck was on my side parking-wise, but my friend was super late. So night market alone. Oh yeah!

I do feel like a housewife on her grocery day out the house😬. I certainly don’t look it. It does reinforce what I’ve read and experienced a few times: solo travel is so much fun.  I mention travel because my friend is visiting SA and I thought I take him out of hotels and show him some city culture. So a third of the population here is tourists, but that doesn’t take away any of the SA experience. Except maybe the prices. R30 bucks for regular cider.Seriously?

Maybe it’s because it’s possibly the only place you can get a haircut at 10pm on these woods.



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